Paramedic alarm over emergency call system failure

In a statement, the Toronto Fire Department urged residents who had received emergency calls or texted messages to call 000, in case of a fire.

The fire department said it is working with the City of Toronto, local fire authorities and First Nation leaders to better train dispatchers and monitor fire calls.

“All 911 calls should be directed to 000 at once, or one of our automated Emergency Response Centre systems,” the department said.

The province also plans to introduce new legislation in the fall to improve fire-related safety, said the Premier’s Of예스카지노fice.

“Fire and Emergency Medical Services have a crucial role to play in responding to serious emergencies and should be fully funded,” Dalton McGuinty said in a statement.

“Fire and Emergency Medical Services help reduce deaths, serious injuries, property damage and economic impact as they continue to expand their work to address social problems.”

The plan will also be announced this summer, including legislation to put an annual increaapronxse in the fire department’s funding to “more closely track and monit우리카지노or expenditures,” the province said.