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“If you ask a white person, the thing that will keep them from going is being told that they are not white, and they might be thinking, ‘well, I’m white.’ When that happens, how do you turn around and say that we’ve got to talk about race because that’s what this generation needs to hear? It has to be, ‘we don’t look like other white people. We’re not this kind of racist, racist, racist society in general. We’re not like that.’ This is an old white myth that has been around for a long time.”

In that same interview Ferguson also said his own racism had been reduced because of his white privilege; the white journalist who confronted Ferguson about racism also claimed Ferguson’s racism had been reduced because of the “positive messages” he’d received from Obama as a teenager; and while Ferguson was on CNN in 2002, Obama said he’d had his share of racism from his time in Chicago; a comment that was quickly deleted from the live stream.

In the years since Ferguson’s death, there has been much discussion of the racial tensions that plagued the town, which we더킹카지노re only likely to get worse thanks to the efforts of residents and police. This week saw a particularly sad twist to a tale of racial tension in Ferguson when police shot and killed teenager Michael Brown in August. According to local police, Brown, 21, had pulled out a handgun and was trying to run away from police when he was shot by one officer, David Price. But video showed that Brown had been holding a pellet gun as Price was putting Brown into a squad car. The killing of Brown, one of the first of many tragedies involving police, and the subsequent protests that followed, resulted in protests in Ferguson by hundreds of thousands. The day after Brown’s death, police said a bomb threat had been made, and dozens of demonstrat우리카지노ors were arrested. The riots, which broke out after Michael Brown was killed, have also led to a slew of police deaths: Officer Darren Wilson, a white officer who was involved in the shooting, died after being shot by an unarmed black teen during an encounter in July that led to a deadly confrontation with Brown and his cousin Tyrone Holloway that night.

During these turbulent times, the conversation has been dominated by the fact that the white people living in Ferguson—and other American cities plagued by racist violence—are often held to a lesser standard. For a white person living in the United States, “being in Ferguson is like being in the hoo