Call for un intervention as palestinian ministers call for peace talks with Assad,” Reuters, April 2, 2014:

“Assad has accused the Russian government of having used chemical weapons against rebels, prompting concerns that Moscow may be trying to escalate the conflict and undermine hopes for a negotiated solution to the Syria war that could pave the way for peace in the Middle East.”

More: “The Syrian government says its forces have eliminated the deadly nerve agent sarin gas but it has denied using it on civilians.”

More: “Russian president Vladimir Putin wants an end to the carnage and says he wants to see a cessation of bloodshed. He was on the phone yesterday with US President Barack Obama and said the US wanted to see progress toward that end.”

More: “Rouhani also said that the negotiations in Astana should go forward without preconditions to ensure it is conducted as quickly as possible. Iran’s deputy foreign minister spoke by telephone with Obama and Assad after receiving intelligence from Russia.”

More: “At the same time, in a statement to the United Nations Security Council, Assad said he hoped that such an agreement would pave the way for peace talks.”

More: “US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also said Friday he thought the US would be unable to withdraw its armed forces from Iraq because it would not let them go there to help against ‘radical Islamic terrorism’. But he said the US could provide forces if the Iraqi government asked for assistance.”

More: “On Friday, Assad agreed to allow the UN monitor force 감성 마사지to enter his country. Syria is home to more than 70,000 UN peacekeepers. ‘I don’t think you’re going to have an easy time getting them to stay,’ the Syrian leader said in an interview with Reuters.”

More: “On Friday, the regime launched a bombing campaign in northwest Syria.”

A couple of days ago, when a journalist asked Assad about the latest developments, and what would he 양산출장안마do, he just said “You are talking about a situation that has a serious impact on Syria and the Middle East.”

A제천출장마사지nd, I mean that without any other explanations whatsoever.

For now.