Bag ban brings unintended consequences Caught in the middle of the new bag ban was an old issue: the long, long wait times for travelers. But even before the rules were adopted in 2013, travelers were complaining that the rules were adding more paperwork to their luggage. “It was like walking in a hotel room,” said Dan LeBlanc, a Washington State Department of Transportation spokesman. “It was just a lot of paperwork.” But in a recent presentation at an airport security conference, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said some travelers were being more aggressive about bringing their own bags. “It may seem like a little bit, but우리카지노 if you think about the problem — this is really about protegospelhitzcting ourselves — if you bring just your own bag, you’re just wasting everyone’s time,” Foxx said. “You’re just putting a burden on the folks who really want to bring your own.” At Dulles International Airport, a group called the Washington Travelers Association, or WTAA, started an outreach program aimed at attracting more people to Dulles to use public transportation, take the bus and buy their own bags and have their personal information not tied up in those larger restrictions. The goal: to get passengers through the airport with more bags, because, as the airline’s CEO said at a recent panel discussion, “What you don’t want is just a little bit of extra baggage.” Now that bags are allowed back into the airport in an additional hour for checked bags, travelers can do some sightseeing without having to think too much about the bag check-in process, the administration says. And airlines’ rules now also let passengers carry only one checked bag at a time when flying. The change was approved by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and was expected to be rolled out with other rules over the course of 2013. “What we’ve done is put a little bit more in the way of making sure passengers are not inconvenienced,” LeBlanc said. How many people are using their travel bags? Although not a final decision yet, the administration says the new rules make it easier for airlines and the public to track how many people are using their flights. A 2014 paper estimated thgospelhitzat the rule would boost the number of bags from 30,000 in 2012 to more than 200,000 by 2016 if all airlines followed its instructions.