Will moorhouse starts breakfast club to fight hunger

Lunch menu: “We have a selection of salads and desserts from around the world.”

‘Tis the season, Mr President: The President is eating. And the press

has바카라 been making it, of course.

“I’m feeling well, and I think that’s one reason the President is now eating more,” Mr Trump said Thursday afternoon.

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“He atejarvees.com a healthy meal, he had a good meal, and he enjoyed himself.”

With the White House now serving some of the biggest, healthy c바카라사이트uts of food and drink to the world’s next presidents, the White House press corps seems to be doing quite the White House press shop job.

“President Trump is on the right track and has started the week very well, and is now beginning to build his agenda,” White House director of communications Hope Hicks tweeted in early October. “The President is feeling good, looks like he’s feeling good, as he is taking care of this week’s agenda.”

This morning, during the weekly press briefings, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the administration’s meal plan was “consistently being implemented”.

“I’m sure with the food that’s available, it’s a very healthy week, very much so,” Spicer added.

That day, President Barack Obama went for a hearty lunch, as well. In addition to the usual menu, Obama went for “several fish sandwiches, a big steak sandwich, a chicken taco, a pizza, some chips, and a bagel.” Obama said Obama’s wife, Michelle, had a sandwich in front of her.

Obama’s lunch was one of the big items at the White House press briefing room today on Thursday morning. @PressSec will be asking the world about health, jobs & world leaders next https://t.co/v4v7zSgx3C pic.twitter.com/3eVnDUdLZn — White House (@WhiteHouse) October 8, 2017

While Obama may have taken his pick of meat, the President’s “healthy” lunch was also rich in vegetables. For the President, this is not so much a meal as he might eat while taking a stroll in his private garden: