Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations Greens MP Scott Ludlam says Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has told him there is enough evidence to “prove” that “a bunch of people” did something to the Liberal Democrats, after being told by her branch manager. “She has told me there is enough evidence to prove it and she thinks that’s a good enough conclusion,” Mr Ludlam said in a press conference in the 블랙 잭Senate today. He said Greens MP Sarah Hanson-Young had told him “she is absolutely sure the allegations agains에스엠 카지노t her are true”, adding: “I think you would find that people who do allegations against each other should be able to agree on the basis of that.” But Liberal Senator John Williams, a member of the Senate’s defence committee, says he doesn’t think it is “very credible” that she is to blame. “I think it is reasonable for people to assume that a lot of people in t시흥출장샵he Labor Party and some people in other parts of the Greens Party, or the Greens should have been involved in the political process in this, but I think Ms Hanson-Young’s actions should always be scrutinised by the appropriate committee,” Senator Williams said. He said the allegations against Ms Hanson-Young must be looked at as “highly serious”. The Liberal candidate’s chief of staff and one of the two members of Greens MP Julie Bishop’s office, who were allegedly the perpetrators of the alleged Liberal campaign corruption, are now in a care home.