Police fear for missing man’s family Wearing black t-shirts and jeans, Scott sat on the floor of his apartment building in San Rafael, waiting to be checked out. “I’m still worried about my mom,” he said, his eyes wide as he tried to remember how he ended up in a homeless shelter. He could barely stand up. On Thursday morning, Scott’s mom found him inside the shelter with an empty cardboard box. are you nuts iphone 6 6s hoesjes 1hoesjes6siphone4627 When she called 911 about an hour later, she heard a man who appeared to be Scott talking to the officers outside. Scott’s wife, Kimberly McAlary, said he was being questioned by police officers and told them he had been spotted g마사지 오일oing back and forth by a surveillance camera outside his apartment building. angry luffy l3202 hoesjes iphone 11 1hoesjess8iphone1125 When police asked the homeless man why he was back in the building after leaving it empty, Scott said he’d planned to take the bus home to his boyfriend and his friend. “That’s not my home. I don’t live here,” he said to police officers. september girl funny birthday gift samsung galaxy s8 hoesjes 1hoesjess8samsung1462 Officers responded and made Scott take off his shoes. square one blackpink cover o5070 hoesjes samsung galaxy s8 1hoesjes8samsung3424 The homeless man and Scott had been arguing about something, McAlary said. “When he was walking away from police, he went to stand up and he picked up the box of empty boxes,” McAlary said. The man’s mother, who didn’t want to be named, said the man had just left, looking for a new place to sleep. She said a man was standing over Scott’s head and she had no idea what was강남출장안마 going on. elvis presley l1408 samsung galaxy s10 hoesjes She called the police and told them she knew her son was homeless. By the time police got there, Scott hadn’t left the building. She asked them wher전주 출장 안마e her son was but didn’t know, either. Officers found Scott’s shoes outside Scott’s apartment, along with a bag of drugs. While police questioned the homeless man, they did not give him a name or give an address. The San Rafael Fire Department was called about the incident. McAlary and Scott had been living together since they met 10 days earlier, when the family moved into an apartment shared with their four children, ages 7, 3, 1 and 5. Scott had been going through some personal issues, McAlary said, but it hadn’t been a problem that scared her. She said she had to deal with a bad back issue for a time.