Newly revealed 2014 15 a league draw offers early season blockbusts that are just as good as the ones we’ve seen so far in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons.

Here are the first fi바카라사이트ve clubs with their own 15 minutes of action as well as the opening seven.

Goals | First half

Liverpool 14′

This is exactly the kind of game that provides the first chance for any goalscorer; the Reds were missing several key pieces, but there are no excuses for not getting that one. Joe Allen’s superb finish after 15′ was the first from an inside defender of his own.

Chelsea 19′

This game was a microcosm of the rest of the game as there was a degree of disorganisation throughout. The Blues were in control in terms of possession but lacked the confidence to put in another attack. As a result there were some errors and miscues which s우리카지노hould have led to goals.

Borussia Dortmund 11′

The home side were at their best as they were able to pick out a through-ball to Mario Mandzukic from a deep-lying position which was perfectly p더킹카지노ut to their advantage. The Frenchman’s goal is a nice late reward as it was just after half-time.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s long-range strike was one of few decent moments of good work. At half-time the Italians were enjoying a clean sheet despite allowing some key chances to Dortmund to push the pace to the death.

Leicester City 12′

Tackling, holding and working well in their own half, the hosts had the early break over and looked like they would break the deadlock with a counter-attack before the interval. Not surprisingly in the second half they didn’t get the chance. But they had all the ball and that’s when the hosts’ counter-attacking began to show its head.

Man City 13′

A very attacking game and there were several good chances for City.

Gianluigi Fabio did well with a header to his right early on but it went off the crossbar and into his own net from six yards and was the perfect header to find the net.

Chelsea 14′

This was a team performance to say the least with almost 60% possession, lots of chances and chances to score. The first was a sublime pass which found John Terry who was able to score his first Chelsea goal of the season.

Manchester United 16′

A wonderfu