Future of air trafficking radar uncertain

The aircraft’s final assembly and testing will take place in Spain. It is expected to leave the UAE to return to France for final assembly.

In the near term, the UAE has been working to improve its air security, with the UAE Civil Aviation Authonatyasastra.comrity (UCAA) in early 2014 ordering about 20더킹카지노0 new air-to-air missiles in an effort to increase air defenses.

바카라Meanwhile, the UAE has also been conducting testing of its first-of-a-kind smart-missile defence system, known as ‘Dumbjet’, with the aim to make it part of air defence planning. The programme has been delayed to 2018.

But despite the delays and the potential for more improvements, air traffic control officials expect that the technology could eventually be used for air navigation and combat patrols, with drones operating over civilian areas, according to The Times.