Fanning wins j bay open surfing title at #SprintChamps — USA Surf (@USASURF) August 25, 2017

One person, however, was also hit by booms.

“We had two people hurt. We had one person taken downapronx and another was hit in the face,” said David Dombrow, head coach at우리카지노 the American Open. “It was pretty devastating.”

As news of the booms spread, a couple of fans were asked for advice on how to protect their kids from booms.

“My little boy took the brunt of it. He wasn’t really a huge fan of booms and there was no one we could call,” said one woman, who showed the same reporter the damage. “I hope there’s going to be more warnings, and then there’s going to be less booms.”

Dombrow suggested parents contact their local park and ask for a specific area they’d like booms to occur in.

He said if a boomerang boomerang hit a child, it바카라사이트 can be quite hard to get them out.

“They don’t like that,” he said. “It really comes down to the fact that they have something they’re going to have to defend against.”

He said if the booms were particularly large or dangerous, people at school should do what they can to prevent booms.