Missing chopper found crew safe on the island of Guam.

U.S. Navy crews recovered a U.S. Navy helicopter and two crew me더킹카지노mbers from the island of Guam on Monday after a chopper came under fire. A Navy spokesman said a plane carrying 19 members of the USS George H.W. Bush launched from nearby Camp Humphreys, Guam.

“We lost one aircraft with a lifeboat on board,” Lt. Cmdr. Tim Safford told Reuters.

The aircraft was in the water about 60 miles카지노 사이트 (100 kilometers) northwest of the small Pacific island and “was likely flying at an altitude where the crew would be unable to recover it,” Safford said, adding that three others were on board when it crashed.

U.S. and Japanese officials believe a U.S. Navy ship from Guam arrived in the area with supplies last week to help the islanders deal with Hurricane Maria, which killed at least five people and is now pushing south toward the U.S. territory.

The island of 16 million people, which lies on the Pacific Ocean’s southern tip, faces two waves of natural disasters a year on a timeline of nearly 40 years.

In February 2012, a powerful storm de더킹카지노stroyed the eastern seaboard, leading to an unprecedented downpour that devastated Puerto Rico before returning it to normal on September 11, the U.S. and Japanese navies said at the time.

In the worst hurricane since a devastating 1997 storm that killed nearly 160 people, Puerto Rico and the United States have suffered catastrophic damage.