Inglis cleared of broken jaw, back injury but says he ‘will miss the whole game’ In a side that was looking to secure an escape route, a poor turnover from West Ham’s captain John O’Shea led to a corner by Andy Carroll that fell to Tom Carroll for the first goal. coque dbz In a game dominated by the physical prowess of England’s central defensive line and the relentless pressure, with O’Shea on hand to block the ball when it appeared to threaten the back three, it was the former Tottenham man who went down. coque demon slayer And while it was hard to miss, if there was a point in the contest which England needed to be mindful of in their narrow game and the second half, it was that West Ham’s central defenders would be required to pick up any of the slack. coque stitch There was a moment when it looked like West Ham were going to get the equaliser when Kolo Toure, playing as a sub to substitute Andy Carroll, attempted a long-distance shot when only he and Carroll were available to support it. It went just wide and, with his team trailing 2-1, O’Shea was caught out of position, but it was Carroll who came through, taking an early corner to score for West Ham. Kenny Dalglish said that, although injuries to O’She우리카지노a and the injured Carroll would mean that a more experienced central defender would be required for the second half, there 바카라사이트were plans in place to provide that replacement. Asked whether, for the first time since West Ham’s opening goal, the team would be relying heavily on its full-back, he said: “There are many ways that you can look at this game but when you look at our game and how we’ve been playing throughout this season, I think it’s clear we have got to br바카라ing people in who can play at this level in this manner. coque itachi “Kolo’s injury obviously doesn’t seem to be the first one we’ve had with him and we know he has to recover from it so we’ve got to use it in a different way, which is the way we play against Chelsea. coque hisoka We have made it a priority for him to have a full fitness, so we’ve had to work with him a little bit differently.” When asked what was the key to his team’s success, Dalglish said: “They know that they need a central defender with pace who has quality at centre-back.