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Chris bourke named as new minister for children and young people

7 July 2014 : Column 876

that will focus in particular on improving opportunities for young people entering the workforce. I am pleased to say that I have met my personal target of getting to 2.1 million young people into employment over five years. I believe the Government’s policy agenda is one of growing the population by 5 million and creating new, permanent jobs for thousands of you예스카지노ng people. At the same time, I am committed to improving working conditions for those young people entering the workforce and ensuring the right skills and support are available.

The Secretary of State will add:

“This will also help prevent the negative impacts of recent years on young people’s chances of success in the future—for example, higher rates of youth unemployment.”

15 December 2013 : Column 865

The Budget is also very significant for young people. A significant contribution was made to the support provided by the Department of Education to help it meet its annual spending target of £34.8 billion.

It is vital that all the Government’s policies, including supporting young people, are working as the time for them to achieve their full potential is rapidly running out. For example, the introduction of a National Stude바카라사이트nt Loans Scheme has helped ensure those struggling to come up with enough to finance their courses make a real difference in those students’ lives. I also welcome the increase in the amount of cash that can be raised by introducing new investment schemes for students.

The Budget provides an excellent starting point in the negotiations that the Government will undertake with the European Union. By raising money from overseas investors in the investment sector and bringing this money home to the UK, I would like to see a positive impact on growth and employment in the UK.

4.45 pm

Simon Danczuk: Is the question of my time appropriate?

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Business: I have just five minutes. Mr Speaker, I yield back my time.

Chris Birkhead: Mr Speaker, it is a matter of great우리카지노 personal significance. I have spent nearly two years in the House of Commons, where I have been a very good friend of all the Members of this House. I know how difficult this job can be and I am sure, as I am sure so many in this House are, that people who have worked in this Parliament know just how hard it is. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State has asked me to ask a question, and I say to all m