Hospital halts abortions over legal fears of fetal damage AUSTIN – The Texas abortion clinic where two teenage girls were killed this week by a teenage clinic worker has had its Texas medical license revoked amid concerns about its staff, who have been under investigation since the fatal incident. coque my hero academia The clinic had been operating in McAllen and surrounding areas at least since April 15, when a clinic employee who was previously charged with second-degree murder, assault, aggravated assault and other charges killed six-year-old Malissa Wayne and six-year-old Crystal Ford with a hammer. Read More Texas police: Teenage clinic worker killed children on Facebook Live videos TLC Life International confirmed Tuesday it has shut down the surgical center in the city where the facility was located and “has permanently suspended all activities,” including hiring staff and running its business, for the next 90 days. coque anime “We deeply regret this unprofessional behavior and the pain caused to our families and our community,” said the company on a statement posted by social media. “Our heartfelt thanks and sympathy go out to the families and friends affected by this tragic event. coque goku We also thank the hospital staff and the investigators and our hearts go out to the injured women’s families.” The hospital also said on its Web site that in its eight years at the facility, it had performed about 50 operations but that of the more than 20 women who had used its services the number had not been reported. coque itachi “TLC Life USA, Inc. fully apolog세부카지노izes to the families and friends affected by the tragic situation, and will do everything in its power to make amends to them and the community as soon as possible,” the company said in the statement. The Texas Commission on Women, the state agency regulating the abortion industry, also said it was monitoring the investigation. coque dbz “After our formal review, it is our position that there are no grounds for revocation for the surgical center,” a commission spokeswoman said in a statement. coque demon slayer The state agency is tasked with enforcing state regulations related to the abortion business and its facilities, which it has cited for several violations. Read More ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: Obama’s abortion law faces fierce pushback According to an analysis of media reports on the incidents, officials from the Texas Office of Medical Regulation and other state agencies have been investigating whether the clinic’s two employees, one of them파라오 카지노 17 years old, had violated rules and regulations relating to abor마이다스카지노tion and pregnancy.