Macquarie back to billion dollar profits’ | The Australian Financial Review Read more The bank is set to take another $3.1bn in repurchase loans with the federal government over the next year and two years, and said it would spend $8bn on “reinvest로투스 홀짝ment in existing and new commercial properties, as well as strategic activities and initiatives”. The new capital would be “consistent with those of our parent company” after the government announced funding for a $7.5bn debt write-down in 2016. A spokesman for the bank’s chief executive, Andrew Scipione, said로투스 홀짝 the bank believed the repurchase initiative was designed to put off lending. “However, the financial constraints that we are now dealing with in the economic environment are the r부천출장안마 부천출장샵esult of some very challenging business circumstances that we are confronting,” Scipione told a conference call in Perth on Thursday. The new funding would be contingent on GBA returning to profitability and maintaining its position among the world’s largest banks, he said.