OK, OK, I know Boise State didn’t really share in the national title, but the Broncos were the only ones to end the season unbeaten. custodia iphone cover But you can’t take anything away from Florida, as the Gators went out and dominated Ohio State… custodia iphone especially upfront on the offensive and defensive lines. For those of you who might have listened to my whining about no playoffs toddler bouncy castle for sale for Division I football in my January 8th podcast (see previous post), you know we won’t have a true national champion until there is a playoff. In the meantime, though, I raise a toast to my good friend, Chuck Zimmerman… a longtime diehard Gator fan.

Here’s my national champion rankings:
1. Florida and Boise State (but Florida gets the trophy… custodia cover iphone fair enough?)
2. Wisconsin (left out of the national championship picture by the goofy B.S. custodia huawei rules)… 12-1… custodia cover iphone the REAL reason there should have
been a playoff.
3. USC – nice win in the Rose Bowl after choking at the end of the season.
4. Ohio State – feel lucky you didn’t fall further.
5. LSU – took their turn part in the yearly ritual of beating to death Notre Dame in a bowl game.
6. Louisville – seems unfair to carry baseball bats into the game
7. Rutgers – probably should be above Louisville since they beat them head-to-head
8. Auburn – holy crap, another team below a team they beat this year (they beat Florida earlier)
9. custodia cover huawei TCU – gotta love the name “Horned Frogs”
10. West Virginia – ummm… running out of clever things to say, so I’ll wrap the top 10 (although it includes 11…