The House

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Spent all morning digging 16 inches of snow off my driveway. That wasn’t so bad… until I got to the street and had to dig through a lane of packed, plowed snow because the snowplow could only clear one lane one our street. After that, hoofed it down the hill a couple of blocks to dig out the van… which couldn’t make it up the hill to our house when there was about six inches of unplowed snow on the street (plus the inch of ice underneath). That took a while. My wife came along and helped dig for a while, too. And then a kindly neighbor helped push the van out of the snowbank so I could drive home. Our other vehicle is a Jeep Liberty, and I have to say I’m totally impressed with how it performed in all the ice and snow. My wife felt very comfortable shifting from two-wheel to four-wheel drive on the fly, and it really gave the Jeep a very steady, reliable feel in the treacherous conditions. I’m sure tomorrow will entail digging out my son’s truck… plowed in after the storm. Gee, it almost feels like back home, up north.

“I’m just saying…”