We are getting hit with a major winter storm. I had to drive tonight (kind of not my choice) after about five inches of snow had already fallen. This is after about an inch to an inch and a half of ice had also accumulated underneath. Needless to say, I could not make it back up the hill leading to my home. It wasn’t plowed, and my vehicle just couldn’t push through it up the hill. I made it over the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill… but just barely. A couple of Jeff City’s finest policeman and another guy who couldn’t make it up the hill to his house helped me get the car off the road (mostly). Then it was hiking through the powder the two blocks home. At least I wasn’t in a ditch out in the country. As a long line of fellow drivers were making their way down the highway tonight, we were actually passed by some guy in an SUV. Minutes later, we passed him… IN THE DITCH! Ice on the road is the great equalizer.

“I’m just saying…”