My old friend Chuck Zimmerman just gave me a wonderful inflatable Canada compliment on his two web sites. custodia iphone Check them out at and . iphone hoesje Chuck is a pro at blogging, custodia cover iphone and he has even been able to make a business out of it. custodia cover iphone To get a link from a guy such as Chuck hüpfburg mit rutsche kaufen is a big boost. custodia cover iphone He’s always been there to help.

Went to Mizzou’s chestnut festival held at its horticulture and agroforestry school’s farm near New Franklin, Missouri today. Nice event. custodia iphone Very fall festival-like aufblasbare rutsche kaufen atmosphere with booths from different agricultural vendors. Plus… HISTORY!!! I’m a big history buff, and the farm is the site of a brick home built back in 1819.

1819 Thomas Hickman House

This place was amazing! To think that some guy put together this brick house (one of the oldest intact brick homes in the state), and it’s still in good enough shape that visitors can walk through it with no worries blows me away! Look at the oak bouncy castle wooden beams. Those are ORIGINAL!

Original 1819 beams

You can also see the original logs used for floor joists.


In the holes in the plaster on the wall, you can actually see individual horse hairs they used to make the plaster stronger. custodia cover samsung It’s always cool when you can put your hands on something from so long ago. custodia cover iphone I think it gives you a better connection with the time.

Once again, this house was amazing when you consider it was a two-story, 1800 square foot building built when there was no Lowe’s down on the corner to pick up a load of bricks and lumber. custodia cover samsung The guide said the nails used to hold together the wooden beams in the rafters were actually wooden pegs. custodia cover iphone That shows you how little they had on what was the western frontier at the time. Must have been quite a sight to see in an area that had very few other buildings of its kind. custodia cover iphone MU is looking to fully restore the place.

The chestnut festival was cool, too. Tasty wine, beer, and chestnuts to sample. custodia cover samsung Plus, the weather was perfect.

I’ve posted a few of the inflatable slide recent radio stories I did during my time at the Missourinet. custodia huawei Check under “Examples” at the top of the page. custodia cover samsung In the near future,

Here I am… custodia cover iphone my first blog post. custodia iphone cover I’ve got a lot of learning to do, custodia cover iphone and I hope I’ll learn inflatable water slide all I need to know…

Happy Veterans Day to all who serve and have served! As an old Air Force guy, this is one of my favorite pictures from inflatable games one of my favorite stories. On the left, you see Master Sergeant Chris Lawson, who at the time, served in the Defense Attache Office at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel. custodia samsung This shot is from a memorial ceremony he attended for German soldiers toddler bouncy castle for sale from World War I who died in what was then Palestine. I thought there was a certain irony in German military being honored in Israel, but that was a different war… custodia iphone at a different time. I was lucky to follow him around for a day, and he showed me his work and his life for him and his family in Israel. Wonderful vendita piscina gonfiabile con scivolo story… custodia iphone great chance to use audio and video together… and a great opportunity to show how the Air Force serves in places you’d never think about.
And this picture is to honor those who served so long ago. In this picture, in the hand of the man in the lack hat, is the dog tag of a U.S Army Air Force sergeant presumed dead when his bomber crashed near Furth, Germany during World War II. custodia cover samsung The people who found some of his remains were American and Canadian military and Germans who volunteered to dig up the old crash site. An old German woman told us how she was out in the potato field when the plane crashed just yards from where she was working. All but one crew member got out of the aircraft, and the woman remembers looking at him in the eye as he struggled in vain to get out of the burning wreckage. custodia iphone She said an explosion sealed his fate. Word is that the rest of the crew was rounded up by the SS and shot in the town square…

Just got back from voting. custodia iphone That means I don’t have to see or hear any more political ads, right? I think once you’ve cast your ballot, you should be exempt from getting anymore political calls, too. I guess that would REALLY push up those wanting to vote absentee or inflatable tent for sale early. custodia cover samsung It’s still a great process, though. custodia cover iphone I met a guy this afternoon, with my little “I Voted” sticker. custodia cover iphone He asked if I’d been vendita gonfiabile percorso ad ostacoli to the polls, and I said I sure had been. custodia cover samsung He said he’s not eligible yet (he’s a legal immigrant). Hope he gets the privilege soon.

Well, I promised myself, win, lose or draw (draw actually not possible in the playoffs), I would update how my high school football team, the Glidden-Ralston Wildcats, did in the playoffs. Last night, their season came to an end similar to how it started… with a loss to undefeated Remsen-St. Mary’s. St. Mary’s was the ‘Cats only regular season loss this year… first game of the season. custodia cover iphone Glidden had to travel to Remsen last night and was beaten 40-16. I talked to my brother just a inflatable park for sale few minutes ago, and he said from what he heard, Glidden jumped out to an early 10-0 lead, but St. Mary’s would not be denied and stormed back for the win. By the way, these two teams are the two past state champions in Iowa’s Eight-Man football… samsung hoesje St. custodia samsung Mary’s winning in 2004 and Glidden-Ralston in 2005. In fact, in 2004 the only team to vendita gonfiabili sportivi beat Glidden was St. custodia iphone Mary’s… once in the regular season and once in the playoffs. And I believe Glidden was the only team to beat St. Mary’s in 2005, once in the regular season. custodia cover iphone Glidden finishes the year at a fine 8-2. Hats off to my old friend Kreg Lensch, Glidden’s head coach. custodia huawei Kreg was our starting quarterback back when I played (he was a junior when I was a senior). After several years of struggling, he seems to have the Wildcats back on to their old winning ways.

Well, another election is just about upon us. custodia cover huawei Election Eve… Have you put up your election tree yet? Do you open your Election Day presents on the day of or the night before? You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that all the ads on radio and TV keep so many of my brethren in the media from starving to death, it would really be easy to hate the whole process. custodia samsung But then again, there’s no tanks rolling in the streets… custodia huawei no one being ousted from office in a bloody coup. custodia samsung So, like so many (but vendita gonfiabili per bambini not enough) of my neighbors and friends, I’ll be headed to the polls to make my voice heard… even if it gets outnumbered… or overcome by a chorus of those who agree in the end. custodia iphone Probably like just a few others, I’ll be glued to news and the Secretary of State’s election web site. I just hope it all wraps up in a timely fashion. But if it doesn’t, I hope they get all the votes counted.

As promised, here’s one of my favorite video stories. custodia cover samsung There was a bit of quality loss after it went from BetaCam tape to VHS to DVD and then compressed for YouTube… but you get the idea. custodia cover samsung This is the story of Tenen Yarae, a mother of seven from the West African nation vendita tenda gonfiabile of Mali. custodia cover huawei A U.S. Air Force Medical Civic Action Team traveled from Europe to her country and did several medical assistance visits over two weeks, including one near her village. custodia cover samsung Tenen’s three-year-old daughter, Binta, had a large abcess behind her ear… custodia iphone cover potentially dangerous.

vendita parco acquatico gonfiabile

The House

Originally uploaded by Jenne1989.

Spent all morning digging 16 inches of snow off my driveway. custodia samsung That wasn’t so bad… until I got to the street and had to dig through a lane of packed, plowed snow because the snowplow could only clear one lane one our street. After that, hoofed it down the hill a bouncy castle with slide for sale couple of blocks to dig out the van… which couldn’t make it up the hill to our house when there was about six inches of unplowed snow on the street (plus the inch of ice underneath). custodia iphone That took a while. My wife came along and helped dig for a while, too. custodia cover samsung And then a kindly neighbor helped push the van out of the snowbank so I could drive home. custodia samsung Our other vehicle is a Jeep Liberty, and I have to say I’m totally impressed with how it performed in all the ice and snow. My wife felt very comfortable shifting from two-wheel to four-wheel drive on the fly, and it really gave the Jeep a very steady, reliable feel in the treacherous conditions. I’m sure tomorrow will entail digging out my son’s truck… custodia iphone cover plowed in after the storm.