Rescue worker

I’ve pulled a few more pictures from video of my time in the Air Force. This one is of an AF pararescueman. His mission that day was to watch over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia… looking for any signs of life after an Air Force cargo plane collided with a German Air Force plane over the Atlantic. No luck that day, and I don’t think they ever found any of the people aboard either plane… although I think some wreckage did wash ashore at some point. custodia iphone This was one of those stories I heard about on my way to work, immediately turned around, and picked aufblasbarer park kaufen up my “AWOL” bag already packed with changes of uniforms and clothes and toiletries. When I got to the office, I started working logistics on how to get to Windhoek, Namibia with all my camera equipment and luggage. That afternoon, I was aboard a Lufthansa flight to South Africa and then Windhoek by the next morning. It was a helluva trip… but nothing near the sacrifice my fellow Airmen (and U.S. Navy and German Air Force) made to find those lost.

Dogtag found

This one was from more of a recovery story. This was closer to home (maybe 40 miles from the office), and I had some time to plan the shoot. Some German, American, and Canadian volunteers dug up an old B-17 crash site from World War II. The plane went down in 1944, and one elderly lady, who was just 17 at the time, witnessed the crash. All but one American made it out of the aircraft. custodia iphone She saw the guy struggle to get out of the wreckage, but the plane exploded… and he never made it out. She told us she remembered looking eye-to-eye with the airman, but there was nothing she could do to save him. What happened to the rest of the crew was a little more hazy. Apparently, the SS arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, rounded up the remaining Amercians, marched them into the town, and shot them all. Anyway, on this dig, the volunteers were looking for any artifacts from the crash. They found lots of bits of metal, some old ammunition, and stuff like that. After a little while they found what looked like a piece of a human thigh bone… maybe a piece of the missing aviator. Just when that looked to be exciting enough, they found the dog tag (ID tag) of the missing American. custodia cover samsung Pretty cool. I just happened to be there when it all happened… the guys digging in the dirt were the real story.

Berlin worker This was another cool story I covered during the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. In 1948, the Soviets tried to cut off a sore spot for them in the heart of the old East Germany… the British, French, and American occupied West Berlin. custodia cover iphone The Soviets figured they could shut off all the land routes for supplies for the city and force the western nations out. Instead, West Berliners were bailed out by a massive airlift of supplies… from food to fuel.. to keep the city alive. The guy in this story, Robert Blank, wasn’t even born back then. But since the Brits, French, and Americans put up such a herculean effort, his parents survived in a free West Berlin. The West would outlast the Soviet Union, and in 1989, the Berlin Wall finally fell, and Germany was soon reunited as one country. Fast forward 50 years from the 1948 airlift, and Blank is working on construction for a new building for the unified German government… back in Berlin. I really liked this story because it was a different way to look at how events from long ago affect modern time. custodia samsung Plus, the nat sound from him pounding in the paving stones was priceless.

AF Sergeant in Israel

This last picture is from another favorite story of mine. This is a picture of Master Sergeant Chris Lawson (in the uniform, on the left). He served at the Defense Attache Office at the U.S. Emabssy in Tel Aviv. On this day, he was in Jerusalem (on Mount Zion, I believe) attending a memorial ceremony for German soldiers killed in the area during World War One. Kind of ironic to have a memorial for German soldiers in Israel, but that was a different war and a different time. Honoring those who served seems to be universal. Anyway, this guy was really cool, and he took time to show us how he and his family lived, and what made Israel such a special place. custodia iphone cover Another great chance to get some really cool nat sound… from German taps played at the cemetery to a band playing in the marketplace. I promise I’ll soon post some of the video from these stories.