As you might have seen on my bio page, I’m a big football fan, especially my Glidden-Ralston Wildcats ! wildcats.png The defending Iowa state champions in Eight-Man football are in the playoffs again! Congratulations to my old teammate, Kreg Lensch, who has led the team from winless seasons to just one loss in the last two years and now into the playoffs for the third year in a row. custodia iphone He was a junior starting at quarterback when I was a senior. samsung hoesje We lost only one game that year, but at the aufblasbarer wasserpark kaufen time, you couldn’t lose any games and still make the playoffs. custodia iphone In fact, my sophmore year, we were undeafeted, but still didn’t make the playoffs. custodia cover iphone Anyway, Glidden is in this year. custodia iphone cover They’ll host Aurelia, another one-loss team, in the first round.