I had the chance today to digitize some of the video from my days as an Air Force broadcaster. It had been a while, so it was nice to see these stories again. I’m going to try to post one of these on my examples page later. custodia cover samsung This picture is of Tenen Yarae (spelling?), a woman from the West African nation of Mali. This mother of seven brought her young daughter, Binta, to the American military hüpfburg kinder kaufen doctors who had set up Medical Civic Action Program site near her village. Binta had a large abcess behind her ear that the docs were afraid would drain into the fluid around her brain… potentially deadly. custodia cover iphone In a makeshift operating room, with no anesthesia, they drained the abcess.

tenen-concerned.jpgBinta was screaming her head off! Wouldn’t you? Bunch of strangers in masks around you with knives, a couple of them holding you down, and they’re trying to take a slice from behind your ear. custodia iphone I have nightmares like that! But, Mom was unconcerned. custodia cover iphone Sat back and just kind of took it all in. iphone hoesje Besides, she knew these were the good guys in the mask. It was funny, though, how Binta never let loose of the little piece of candy she was given while waiting for the procedure. Sure, they might cut my ear off, but they ain’t gettin’ my CANDY! This was a really cool shoot. Great opportunity to see the Air Force in action. I’ll post some more pictures soon.